Filipino Brides – Are They Better Than Thai Brides?

If you’re looking for an Asian bride then there’s a whole World of choice available to you.

Most men seeking Asian brides end up marrying women from one of these four countries:

  1. China
  2. Thailand
  3. Philippines
  4. Japan

Of all these countries, Philippines women are arguably the best alternative to Thai brides.

So what do Filipino women have in terms of advantages over Thai women?

This basically comes down to these factors:

  • Choice
  • English speaking abilities
  • Employability
  • Religion


The great thing for the man seeking a Filipino bride is the huge choice open to him. Whatever you age, ethnicity or looks, if you sign up to an Asian dating site with Filipinas on it then you’ll get an awful lot of attention!

On the popular Asian dating sites like Asian Dating, Blossoms, Asian Love Connections and DateInAsia, Filipinas are by far the most numerous nationality of Asian woman.

The simple laws of supply and demand mean that it’s not hard to find a much younger bride from the Philippines. You can also choose to date only the prettiest girls, although this has its own particular hazards.

English Speaking Ability

English is widely spoken in the Philippines, especially by anyone working in business.

You’ll find that most Filipinas have a basic knowledge of English. This makes it much easier to chat to them, and you won’t have as many language issues as you will if you look for a Thai or Chinese bride.

On the downside, the standard of everyday Filipino English isn’t great, so it can sometimes be a struggle to communicate.

Thankfully the major Philippines languages such as Tagalog or Cebuano aren’t too hard to pick up if you’re a native English or Spanish speaker. By contrast I’ll tell you that learning Mandarin Chinese caused me considerable anguish, and you’ll encounter much the same if you try and learn Thai.


Many Filipino girls find jobs in other countries including the USA, Canada and the UK
Many Filipino girls find jobs in other countries including the USA, Canada and the UK

It’s estimated that up to 10% of Filipino people live and work overseas. Why does this matter? Many Filipino women go to college to study careers that can help them find work overseas. The great thing about these women is that they’ll often find it quite easy to find jobs in your own country. This is useful if you’re a man of modest financial means and need your new Asian bride to help out with the home finances.

Of course, your prospective Asian bride isn’t going to want to be your slave, so make sure you can afford your future lifestyle without sending your new bride out to work 60 hours a week.


If you’re a Christian man then you might prefer to marry a woman who is also a Christian. It’s actually not hard to find Christian women from any Asian country you choose. I personally dated a Japanese woman who was a Christian. The Cupid Media sites [Asian Dating, Japan Cupid, Chinese Love Links, Thai Love Links] are good for finding Asian Christian women, as they all have religion as a search option.

For a wider choice of Asian women who are also Christian, then the Philippines is the place to go. The majority of Filipino women you’ll encounter on Asian dating sites are God fearing Catholics.

If you’re not particularly religious, then a Filipino bride may not be such a great choice for you. It’s been my own particular experience that couples have more successful marriages if they both share the same religious beliefs. If you’re not particularly religious, then a Thai or Chinese bride may be a better choice.

Other Factors Relating to Filipino Brides

Other factors to consider include travel, retirement options, and looks.


The Philippines isn’t too hard to travel to, although you’ll normally find you need to get a connecting flight. I recommend Hong Kong as a good hub to fly to – the airport has many facilities for eating and resting. It also has regular flights to Philippines cities like Manila or Cebu.

The Philippines has much the same wild nightlife as Thailand does, but the Philippines doesn’t attract nearly so many tourists. Some areas of the Philippines are also less safe for Western men to visit, so bear this in mind when you’re chatting to women from different parts of the Philippines. If you’ve never been to the Philippines before, it’s best to stick to the major, Westerner friendly cities like Manila and Cebu.

Retirement Options

It’s perfectly possible to retire to the Philippines. In fact increasing numbers of American men have chosen to do just this.

Look on a Philippines property website and you’ll be stunned at how affordable property is in the Philippines. I could sell my 2 bedroom apartment in England and buy a 4 bedroom detached house in Cebu!

On the downside, the Philippines government doesn’t make it that easy to retire to their country, and you really need to do your research before you consider this as an option.

The main thing to bear in mind is that you’ll need a good source of income in order to live in the Philippines. Don’t rely on starting a business out there – if the Philippines economy was good then there would be no need for 100,000 Filipino women to seek work in Hong Kong.

Filipino Women

Thai and Filipino women tend to look quite different, so this is another major factor to consider. Sign up for free to a site like Asian Dating and you can view profiles of women from both countries.

Both Thailand and the Philippines are great places to find little brown girls. You’ll tend to find that Filipino women are a lot more curvier than their Thai sisters. On the plus size, those curves mean big breasts and larger booty than you’ll see elsewhere in Asia.

Filipino women are some of the shortest in all of Asia. However, you’ll still find the occasional 5′ 7″ leggy beauty. Filipino women tend to be on average an inch or two shorter than other Asian women (especially Chinese women). And if you look at the women on a site like LoveMe you’ll notice that the Philippines women there are much shorter than the Russians (who all seem to be at least 5′ 6″).

So whether you choose a Thai bride or Filipino bride, you’ll find a World of choice available to you.

If you’ve got any questions about Thai or Filipino brides, then leave your comments below.

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    The majority of Filipino-Canadians are women who make up about 65% of the population.


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