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I've dated loads of Asian women, and I don't know why more men don't date Asian women. I've been dating Asian women for three years now. I've not yet met the woman of my dreams, but I've had some incredible experiences, and have met some exceptional women.

If you want to find a Thai bride of your own, then this site addresses the key issues you'll encounter. I've braindumped everything I know about Thai dating, which is based on my time spent on dating sites as well as living in Thailand for several months.

Thai Dating - The Key Issues

ThaiBride.Net contains answers to the key questions you need to unlock in your search for a Thai bride, including:

Once you've found a bride, what about marriage and fiancé visas?

Finally, there are a links to a few other online resources that will help you gain a feel for what it's like to look for, then marry a Thai bride. If you take home no other message from this website, it's that:

Finding a Thai bride is difficult and expensive. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

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