Thailand Retirement Options – Go and Live Your Dream!

There are two great things about Thailand:

  1. It’s packed full of beautiful women,
  2. It’s a great retirement option.

At ThaiBride.Net there’s plenty of information about finding a Thai bride. Or maybe you already have a Thai bride, but you think retiring to her country is a good option for you.

Here’s what I know about retiring to Thailand. While I’m not retired myself, I am actively considering living in Asia for a few years. So I’ve had to look into the issues involved.

Do You Actually Like Thailand?

First of all I’ll say that it’s a little crazy to consider living in a country you’ve never visited before. So before you make life changing decisions, take a holiday to Thailand and spend as long as you can out there.

It may be obvious, but I’ll point out that Thailand gets tremendously hot, especially during the Summer. Make sure you can stand the heat and humidity.

Thailand is also quite a large country, and it’s a good idea to do some thinking about which part of the country would suit you best.

Good weather, hot women, delicious food and great tourist spots - Thailand has it all
Good weather, hot women, delicious food and great tourist spots - Thailand has it all

Bangkok is popular, but the noise and chaos is too much for many people, especially if you’re wanting to retire and take things easy.

Pattaya and other coastal resorts are wildly popular. You will however find that your money goes further in the less touristy locations.

Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand is increasingly popular with Western expats. The cost of living is fairly low, and there’s a more relaxed lifestyle. Personally I reckon the other big advantage here is that the women of Chiang Mai are the most beautiful in all of Thailand.

You’ll also have a better experience in Thailand if you like Thai food. I guess this isn’t essential though. My uncle lives in Thailand yet I’ve never seen him eat Asian food back in the UK. God knows what he eats out there, but he claims he spends very little on food while he’s there.


You’ll get very little support from the Thai government if you’re retired and living in Thailand, so make sure you can support yourself financially.

This means working out the value of your pension and other income, and balancing that against expenses.

Major expenses you’ll need to consider are rent, food and entertainment, some sort of health insurance and flights back home (if you want to return home on occasion).

One major problem with developing countries is that the rate of inflation can be quite high, and their currencies are steadily appreciating against major currencies like the US dollar and Pound sterling.

To take the US dollar as an example, in 2002 you could get 43 Thai Baht for one dollar. In 2012 you could only get 30. So an American citizen is 30% worse off in Thailand after 10 years, and that’s before you take into account the rising cost of goods and services priced in Baht.

To make matters worse, many pensions aren’t indexed linked to inflation. Consequently you’ll find that your income will actually shrink over time.

Thai Ladies

Asian women - the number 1 reason for retiring to Thailand
Asian women - the number 1 reason for retiring to Thailand

The good news is that if you’re going to live in Thailand then you’ll be very popular with Thai ladies!

If the truth be known, Thai women would much rather marry Western men and live in Thailand than become mail order brides and live in the USA, Canada, the UK or elsewhere.

It’s pretty easy to find a much younger wife from Thailand, especially if you’re living there. The great think about being a Thai expat is that you can knock around with a much younger girl and be much more certain that another Western guy won’t come along and steal her off you.

And other advantages include the fact that you’ll find it much easier to avoid the romance scammers on dating sites, especially all those Nigerian men pretending to be Thai women!

In fact, if you want to meet decent Thai women you’re better off avoiding dating sites altogether and just seek some personal recommendations from all the Thai people you’ll meet in Thailand.

Don’t Lose Your Mind!

I speak from personal experience here when I say that SE Asia’s hot and humid climate can play tricks with your mind. So take things slowly, and be careful when making major decisions.

When you first arrive in Thailand, it’s easy to get carried away with bar girls and the night life. That’s a good way to burn through your life savings in no time at all.

One major issue to be wary of is buying land, property or other investments in Thailand. Think VERY carefully before you part with large amounts of money in Thailand. Scams are rife, property ownership laws are complex, and every year hundreds of foreign men lose their life savings in such deals.

It’s also worth keeping a foothold back in your own country. So if your Thai retirement plan doesn’t work out, then at least you could return home again.

So those are a few of the issues relating to Thailand retirement. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions then leave feedback below.

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