Thai Ladyboy Dating

Thailand is well know for its ladyboys. What’s generally less well known is that you can actually date ladyboys on a long term basis.

So what’s involved with finding a ladyboy girlfriend, and what are the key issues involved?

Finding Ladyboys Online

Asian ladyboys are pretty easy to find online.

Contrary to what you might think, there are actually more Filipino ladyboys online than there are Thai ladyboys.

Which country’s transsexuals most interest you is your decision. However, don’t discount the Philippines! Philippines cities like Angeles City (near Manila) and Cebu can offer much the same nightlife as you can find in Bangkok or Pattaya.

Whether you go for Thai or Filipino ladyboys, you’ll find both on most of the popular Asian dating websites.

The snag is that most sites don’t allow you to specifically search for ladyboys. Consequently, on a site like Thai Love Links you’re never sure if you should search for ladyboys by specifying that you want to search for men or women. Much the same problem happens on DateInAsia.

So really it’s better to use sites that specifically allow you to search for ladyboys. Sites that allow you to do this are:

Which site is best?

If you like Thai ladyboys and Thai women, then join Thai Kisses. For Filipino girls as well as ladyboys then join Filipino Kisses.

If you’re exclusively into ladyboys, then it makes sense to join Ladyboy Kisses or My Ladyboy Date. Ladyboy Kisses and My Ladyboy Date are pay sites though, while Asian Love Connections offers free ladyboy dating!

Ladyboy Scams and Scammers

Online dating is hazardous at the best of times. I’ve been a long time member of some of the most popular Asian dating websites. I’ve encountered plenty of scammers, gold diggers and other undesirables.

Day after day I hear of people losing money in romance scams. Even one of the Asian women I dated got scammed – in her case by a Nigerian romance scammer.

So please heed the warning of this guy who posted this comment about the Ladyboy Kisses dating site:

A Word of caution here guys. I have tried ladyboykisses and i am serious doubting that there are honest ladyboys there.

I have met a lot scammers there… I have decided to drop my search. I guess the only way you can find a honest Ladyboy is to go to Thailand and live there.

…When my subscription run out i will not renew it. I have totally dumped the idea to find a Ladyboy on a dating site.. it aint gonna happen.

So online ladyboy dating is not without hazards! In all honesty, if you want a ladyboy girlfriend then it’s better to move to Thailand or the Philippines and live out your dreams there.

However, if you just want to contact ladyboys for fun chat sessions, then by all means use the dating sites listed above. Just don’t expect too much in the way of an exclusive, long term relationship with a ladyboy you meet on these sites.

If I haven’t put you off, then this guide is an essential read if you’re serious about finding a ladyboy girlfriend:

The author lives in the Philippines with his cute Filipino ladyboy, so he’ll tell you exactly what’s involved with dating these beautiful and exotic creatures.

If you’ve got any comments, questions or suggestions about Thai ladyboy dating, then leave your thoughts below (anonymously if you wish).

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