Thai Dating Sites – The Best Sites for Thai Brides

If you want to meet Thai women then these days the best place to look is the Internet!

There are a large number of Thai dating websites that you can use to meet Thai women online.

I’m a big fan of online Asian dating. I’ve met some fabulous women though some of these websites.

Unfortunately some sites are expensive, and could rip you off!

Read on if you want to find a Thai bride without spending a lot of money looking for her.

Jump to information about costs and which sites are the best.

Types of Thai Dating Site

There are essentially two different types of Thai dating site:

  1. Sites with predominantly Thai women on them.
  2. Sites with women from a range of different Asian countries.

If you’re 100% sure you want an Asian wife from Thailand, then stick to the Thailand specific dating sites. If you’re not yet completely decided then choose a site with women from a wider range of countries.

Don’t worry – all Asian dating sites have plenty of Thai women profiles on them! You’ll also find plenty of Filipino and Chinese women, plus smaller numbers of Cambodian, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Malaysian women.

How Much do Thai Dating Sites Cost?

If you want to meet the best Asian women, use a pay site, not a free dating site
If you want to meet the best Asian women, use a pay site, not a free dating site

There is a further sub-division of Thai dating websites, and it’s related to their COST. Dating sites are normally one of four types:

  1. Free to sign up to, but you have to take out a monthly subscription in order to contact the ladies on the site.
  2. Free to sign up to, but you have to pay to send an email to a lady (sometimes there are also fees to read a response from a lady).
  3. Free to sign up to, but if you want to contact a lady, you have to buy her contact details (usually her email address).
  4. Completely free!

Personally I’d recommend you sign up to a site that offers a monthly subscription. Most of these sites charge around $25 a month. To save more money, there are usually generous discounts if you sign up for a 6 monthly or annual membership plan. For an annual membership you can often get the price down to as little as $12 a month.

I’d recommend you be careful with the pay per letter Thai dating sites. While they do offer built-in translation services which allow you to communicate with the many Thai women who speak no English, they are expensive!

I burned through $500 in a couple of months on one of these sites. And I read an article in the Sunday Times that an American man was spending over $350 a month on these sites! This is not that unusual.

Do the math and you’ll realise these sites can be extraordinarily expensive.

As to free dating sites, they can be a false economy. I’ve found the quality of contacts you can find on the free sites is generally low. Either the women are scammers, ladyboys, hookers, or they’re just not that serious about finding a husband.

Best Thai Dating Sites

So with that in mind, which are the best Thai dating sites for men seeking Thai brides?

Here are my favourites:

Thai Love Links

Thai Love Links is arguably the best Thai dating site around. You can join for free and check out the tens of thousands of Thai women with profiles on the site.

This site has a fantastic search facility and it’s possible to use all kinds of criteria to find The One. Want an English speaking girl who is also a Christian? This is the site to look for her!

If you want to send the women emails then you need to buy a Gold or Platinum subscription. Don’t worry though – once you’re a full member then you’ll get a gigantic amount of interest from the ladies!

Thai Kisses

Thai Kisses is a smaller Thai dating site. Good things about this site include the ability for members to upload loads of photos of themselves. This is good if you’re seeking a mail order Thai bride and want to make sure you like the girl before you travel thousands of miles to visit her!

This site is also one of the very few sites that allow you to search specifically for Thai ladyboys. If you’re only interested in transsexual dating though, I would recommend Ladyboy Kisses instead.

Thai Love Lines

Thai Love Lines is pretty similar to Thai Love Links. I’m not sure which is best – it’s really a personal choice. I prefer Thai Love Links for the superior search engine.

Asian Dating

Asian Dating is run by Cupid Media, who also run Thai Love Links. Both sites are virtually identical. However, you’ll find women from a much wider range of countries on this site.


Blossoms started off as a catalogue based mail order brides business. Now it’s an online dating website, and a popular one at that.

Blossoms has women from a wide range of countries, but you can choose to block the women from countries you’re not interested in.

Another benefit of this site is that it offers one of the lowest monthly subscription fees around.


DateInAsia is completely free. There are thousands of Thai women on this site.

By all means give it a go. However, it’s best to use it as a secondary source of Thai ladies to chat to. Personally I’ve never found any Asian women worth visiting on DateInAsia. I’ve encountered more than my fair share of hookers on the site, as well as women who didn’t seem to be seriously interested in actually finding a husband.

Thai Matches

I’ll mention Thai Matches because you might see it advertised. It’s quite expensive, so be careful.

Asian Love Connections

I’ve also built my own Asian dating site – Asian Love Connections. Give it a go! The site is completely free, yet offers many facilities the subscription based sites don’t even offer.

Scammers on Thai Dating Sites

On the downside, pretty much all of these sites have problems with scammers. So before you start chatting to Thai women make sure you know how to identify a typical dating site scammer.

Where many men go wrong is thinking that these dating sites are safe and secure and that all the women have been ID checked and security cleared. Of course they haven’t! If you want more reassurance that you’re meeting decent Thai women, then pay for the services an introduction agency.

So that’s a brief guide to the different Thai dating sites available, and which ones I think are worth using. If you’re careful, they can be fantastic places to meet new friends and maybe find the new bride of your dreams.

If you have any questions or suggestions then leave your comments below.

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